Brunner & Lay Inc. contributes to the scholarship funds of various Colleges and Universities across the United States that offer degrees in Mining Engineering. It is estimated that ten to fifteen undergraduate students receive the benefits of these funds yearly as they pursue their dreams of becoming Mining Engineers. Brunner & Lay hopes that as these young people achieve their degrees and become contributing members of the mining community across the globe, they remember the relationship and partnership that Brunner & Lay has forged over the past few years with their given schools.

In addition to the many thank you letters from the scholarship recipients Brunner & Lay receives, the students also give back by spreading the word to others in their respective departments about the money available to them via these scholarships. They become recruiters, leaders and providers for their respective universities and great supporters of Brunner & Lay and the vast product lines that they provide the mining and construction industries.

Brunner & Lay products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and have been since 1882, under the leadership of the Brunners. Together along with these young scholars they are given an opportunity to build an amazing future for themselves and their families.